Maybe he is hurt. Maybe he is using it as an excuse

Maybe we are all too harsh on him. We tell him that he has to be strong, emotionally stable, nice body. Maybe we also tell him that he must earn so much, have a car, afford a big comfortable house. Maybe we also push it into him that he should be a good man, a good father to our children. Maybe we tell him that he has to be that kind of a standard, because women are not supposed to accept less than what we are worth.
Maybe that is why he is putting his faith into dominance. Maybe because you wont listen to him. Maybe because he has a difficult past and he had just recently learned to manage himself. He believes that you will stay by him, till he stabilises himself. He loves you so much that he wants you to know that he is trying his best. But it is so hard for him, when you don’t understand his feelings and don’t listen to him, he feels pushed away.
Maybe his past was terrible. No one listened to him for once. No one was there to support his ego in the right nurturing way. He was shunned. Maybe that is why he tried so hard. His words maybe wrong, maybe he was just terrible for a while. That is not all him. He has a good side.
But ladies, remember. There is always a limit to everything. Manage your expectations. Love him to the fullest. Know that you have given your best in everything, understand him fully. You know you did your best? You know you understand him more than he understands you? Then, honey know your worth and move away. Not all guys who wants to stick by you will want to be responsible for everything they put you through. They may seem like they bring more to the table than you do, but honey you know you work more than what he claims.
Yes, he may be sensitive and he tries so hard to be your man. But what is the point when he is playing with your mind and your feelings at the same time? He says you are not worth it, but think again darling. You know you want to support him, you differentiated yourself from all the girls in his past. You tried to give him all that he has lost when he was young. Did he try to grow from there?
Yeah, he may be cool and all that. But if he still cannot have the awareness and build, then he is not worth it for you. Don’t believe what he says. He still wants to be pampered. He still wants to be taken care of. He still wants to be bolstered. He fails to see that he has to work on his own accord, using his own sense of maturity, decision and determination to grow and come out of what he had been through to make a better life for himself first. Yes darling, he might have done so many things for you. He can be there for you, he was the one who made you happy.
He only made you happy to make him happy. You must fake your happiness to make him happy. You cannot be happy. Because, he is not happy. How will you be happy with an unhappy person? He wont be happy even if you are happy. Because he is not responsible to make his life better in all ways honey.
A man only develops from what he chooses to do when he faces hurt. And use what you can offer to him, to build an comfortable environment for him and you, and for your future. Love that guy honey, and not the one who uses you. Because, he is still hurt and he cannot cope.


22 thoughts on “Maybe he is hurt. Maybe he is using it as an excuse

  1. Hey! Even I’m quite excited to grab more followers for my first as u are!!😄😄
    You have weaved ur thoughts beautifully!☺
    Kindly follow me back.. I’ll love reading ur forthcoming blogs n sharing mine as well!! 😊

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  2. Love it! And so true! How many of us can truly day we haven’t been there, made excuses for a man who we know, deep down, isn’t going to change.

    I certainly can count more than one who have been in my life.

    I shall follow and look forward to your next post.

    Ooti xx

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    1. Thank you for this, love! But that is what it is all about, that it takes a even stronger heart to be ridiculously strong heart to love a guy who cant love himself. As least we played our part 💜

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  3. I love it! I really almost cried reading it finally someone else gets it ya know I knew before other women got it but to see it is completely different….Continue writing I look forward to other posts by you!


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