Because the say salt water smells like memories. Because they say the sun is good for Vitamin D. Because they say its time to bikini. So they say get ready your summer body. 

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Anyway, you have been thinking about this lately – you might have tried so many things because you want to gain more experiences. But what is it that you are really good at? Have you been doing it dutifully? 

Maybe your truth is.. a no. You might have tried so many activities with your friends. Yes, these activies are enjoyable. You had your fun and you are happy. However, what exactly is it that you have in you, that you didnt really tap on? Have you had questions like this before? 

I think in this phase, I am encountering these “About me” questions. Because, i thought my experiences were good and propably really rich. But everytime, i find my soul screaming for something else. Honestly, that is not an exaggeration. 

Good news is that i found out what is that. And that is something I have been avoiding for a very long time. Sprinting

Once it was a source of energy. Now its pain. Afraid to go back to it. Body, not up to standards anymore. Yes, fit. Nope, not satisfied. Maybe i should not settle? 

So here, I am going to record my fitness journey. Cliche it might be, but lets see what happens! Lets not talk about how awesome times were in the past when i was young. It wasnt healthy a journey anyway, because i took too many breaks, slacked alot and eat too much because of emotional issues, stress and anxiety. The battle is a little different. 

Now, fast forward to 2016 to 2017

  • Experimenting on food choices
  • Completely no nutella, Mcspicy, potatoe chips
  • No overeating, no matter how hungry i get
  • Went to the gym every single day. Yes i overexhausted myself sometimes. And i was underweight for a few months that i found myself eating to not be underweight. 
  • Engaged in so many activities, lost too much of weight. 

Now 2017: 

  • 4-6 months just eat, appropriately. Not overeating. Not undereating. Confusing my calories to maintain. 
  • Abs.. kinda disappearing because have not been excercising (final semester, and just emotionally drained because of stupid people) 
  • But hey, 18.8% from 20.2% body fat. So still good. 
  • I think my ass is gone. Seriously. That IS demoralising.

So mission 2017.. i am ready for it. I have an idea on how i am going to work things out. This is for my modelling, and as well for my fitness in general. This is my second year in this journey, and after all the experimenting, I am going to start this right.

Oh.. the other thing my soul is screaming for? Haha!! Travelling. Nothing can tame a oceanholic babyyyy!! 


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