“Are you a runner?”: A Reminder sent from God

It was just the day before that I was on the phone with my mother, just convincing her how I am settling my finance, about my internship and my life after that. I was telling her how everything is under control and how it is awesome that I have a long term sight ahead of me – so she does not have to worry much. 

My mother was silent. She ended the conversation with a “Mmm” – which I think was more of a agreement and to signal to me to let life flow. I hate that. Everytime I let life flow, I get affected in the end.  So, I was adamant about having everything according to what I decided. I was in a drive. 

The next morning, I went to the track for a legit sprint workout. Everything was going well and good. It was time to leave the stadium when someone called me from behind and asked me: Are you a runner? 

Shocked.. because my standards dropped for my workout. I was a little disappointed. Yet, even then someone can tell that I was a background. HAHA Okayyy. So what does this guy want? 

I replied: Yes, Uncle. But it was a long time ago. 

Him: You represent Singapore? 

Me: (Wow) Erm no uncle. I was from AJC. Was supposed to go for nationals. But i did not because I went for SYF. 

And from there.. everything else began. 

We talked in length about 

  • whether the internship I was going to do was worth my time
  • I should be doing teaching instead..and apply for NIE right away
  • I should waste my time strategicallu, where i can gain experience smartly
  • I should be deciding on my direction right away
  • I should not be tied down in this age. Because it affects my character
  • Boyfriend? A guy who limits me is not one for me. Sex? Then he is totally out. But since I am young, I should be exploring. Safely and smartly
  • I should never lose my pride for anyone
  • Study more! Travel and do whatever the heck I want
  • Settle for something permanant. 
  • Relationships take a lot of hard work. And it must come with genuinity from the heart not from the mouth 

Suddeny this Uncle had the urge to strike a conversation with me.  Although I was a little impatient about it at first. Everything he said striked me in a manner which made me feel that he knows what kind of person I am and what I should be settling for. 

What was more crucial to me was about how everything tied up to the question: “Are you a runner?”

It was as though the Uncle was telling me not to stop running.. run, keep striving. Push your limits and dont be tied down for anything. One day I will get there, and go for where my heart lies in – for what my passion is. Keep running. Because I am a runner, but I dont know my own self yet. I will only stop when I believe I am what I am. 

His name was Jimmy Yap. And he gave me a direction that this young runner needs. Wise words from life experiences. 


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