18 19 20 

Sucks. Whatever. Want me to go university? Sucks. That was how it was. Because its so sickening. 

I dont have a class. I hate mingling with people. I dont talk. I fight. So? Sucks. Three years of university? Okay, I am not gonna reward myself and I wont talk to anyone. Thats how i entered university. First year went well. And then 2015 came. The year of my success and the year of my downfall. 

Still, sucks. Why the fuck would anyone have to lie? And things that i couldnt control had to happen. Too many temporary people. And the biggest first heartbreak. Fear. This shit cane back again. Maybe it was selfish of me to desire that my peak will last really long. I mean I worked wayyy to hard for this. Never a study person. But this was amazing. Not long lasting. 

Okay. Time to work on myself. Worked on myself with a focus not as steady as it should be. But why not. Was a vry good gurl. I was doubted. I wanted to trt how it be a good girl, as what the society perceives. Yeap. YOLO.

But that hurts. I hurt myself even more in an attempt to escape hurt. Thats annoying. Too much of frustration. 

Super underappreciated. Why you so negative? Yeap I am negative. Why are you complaining? You are never happy? Yeah.. cos I am stuck. But I never thought that this guy will be the reason why i would ever be stuck. And thats when I realised that people dont even know what they are hiding so much of their true self and portraying a different face outside. Erm, nope thats disgusting. 

All these people are outta my life. But, not outta my head. Still i dont know what to do. There must be a way. 


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