Freedom. And i took it seriously. I did made a few decisions and yes, god heard my prayers i wont lie. But the brutal truth was too abrupt i just dont know how to take everything all in.

I felt so alone. A little lonely. A search for answers. I dont care, I want do settle the mess by myself. 

I cared, but I got pushed away? Okay bye. 

I think so, but I am not sure. I settle this mess my own way. You like it or not, i dont care.

You suck? Yeah you do. 

You are amazing? Yes. 

No more in between. 

I get what I want, when I want it. And this is me. I want me back. 

Triggers. So many triggers. I need to become untriggered. Flip my hair and walk off and burn everything behind. I give myself this one year to fully untangle mself from this mess. 

Best thing ever? I do what is best for me. People who are bad to me giving me advices on how to live my life. Bitches. I listened? Woah, really vulnerable. Beautiful, but misused. 

Mould myself and then reshape myself. Newer inspiring things. 

I know I am going to look weird, confused. Maybe desperate? Yeah. Desperate for getting me back, not you. Funny how they got the wrong idea. Stupid. 

I know what I am doing. Just halfway there. 


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