Big girl 

Growing up was weird. So many things imposed how a girl should be like. That is the problen with traditions and puberty. I hated that. I mean whyyyyy blood coming out of my vagina would dictate anything? I may not even be giving birth in the future. 

So, I asexualised myself. That us the best decision I ever made in my life. Puberty? I can have sex? I can get pregnant? Great. I just confuse myself. I dont know who or who I should imitate. I like this? I do that. I hate that? Its in yiur face. I do what I want and I keep going. Peak period and unstoppable. I made my mama proud. Everyone was happy. I was happy too.

But erm, this was the stage that words get into me very easily. Because I dont pollute what I love to do, I didnt like it when people doubted what I do to make myself proud. That hurts so much. I never meant to go astray, I wanted to do all I can to make me happy, because it was something to look forward to when things were bad at home. 

Words. Words trigger me so much. Do stopping me for everything. Saying I am never good enough. 


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